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Get to know your favourite player a bit better with our new and improved player profiles!

Fourth Division Campaign


(Players Player of the Season 2007/08)


Name: Chris Glover
Nickname: 'Mr Glover Lover'
Position: Goalkeeper
Supports: Liverpool
Appearance: 17
Clean Sheets: 3
Goals: 1


Name: Matty Sawford

Nickname: 'Sawf'

Position: Defender

Supports: Luton Town

Appearance: 12 (1)

Goals: 2 



(Managers Player of the Season 2007/08)
Name: Rob Wilcock
Nickname: I.T Rob
Position: Left Back
Supports: Luton Town
Appearance: 18 (1)
Goals: 0

Name: Sam Lawes
Nickname: The Gaffer!
Position: Centre Back
Supports: Ipswich Town
Appearances: 13 (2)
Goals: 0


Name: Ben Kensell
Nickname: 'Kensie'
Position: Defender
Supports: Gillingham
Appearances: 7 (1)
Goals: 0


Name: John Watts - Club Captain
Nickname: 'Slots'
Position: Defender/Midfield
Supports: Man Utd
Appearances: 9 (2)
Goals: 0


Name: Neil Greig
Position: Left Wing
Supports: Man Utd
Appearances: 19
Goals: 13


Name: Steve Wilkinson
Nickname: 'Wilko'
Age: 28
Position: Centre Mid
Appearances: 7 (2)
Goals: 1

Name: Dan Booden
Position: Striker
Supports: Man Utd
Appearances: 1
Goals: 1

Name: Steve Horton
Nickname: 'Steveo'
Position: Centre Mid
Appearances: 19
Goals: 7


Name: Craig Longshaw
Nickname: 'Craigy', 'Torrettes Boy'
Position: Left Back / Midfield
Supports: Man Utd
Appearances: 11 (2)
Goals: 1

Name: Mark King
Nickname: 'Kingy'
Position: Right Back / Midfield
Supports: Luton Town
Appearances: 7 (12)
Goals: 1


Name: Matt Tomlin
Position: Defender
Supports: Luton Town
Appearances: 20
Goals: 1


Name: Matt Lee
Nickname: 'Muttlee', 'Mutts'
Position: Striker
Supports: Derby County
Appearances: 15 (5)
Goals: 6

Name: Padraic Walsh
Position: Striker
Supports: Aston Villa
Appearances: 20 (1)
Goals: 7

Name: Chris Hardy
Nickname: 'Skinner'
Position: Striker / Centre Back
Supports: Spurs
Appearances: 9 (3)
Goals: 6

Name: Sean Allison
Position: Centre Back / Midfield
Supports: Man Utd
Appearances: 9
Goals: 0

Name: Kieran Walsh
Position: Centre Midfield
Supports: Man Utd
Appearances: 16 (1)
Goals: 18

Name: Anthony Bocchetti
Nickname: 'Banjod'
Position: Midfield
Appearances: 9 (1)
Goals: 3

Squad Numbers

1. Chris Glover (GK)
2. Matty Sawford (DR)
3. Rob Wilcock (DL)
4. Sam Lawes - The Gaffer (DC)
5. Matt Tomlin (DR, DC)
6. John Watts (DC, MC)
7. Neil Greig (ML, ST)
8. Steve Horton (MC)
9. Padraic Walsh (ST)
10. Kieran Walsh (MC, ST)
11. Craig Longshaw (DL, ML)
12. Mark King (DR)
14. Steve Wilkinson (DM)
15. Matt Lee (ST)
16. Anthony Bocchetti (MR)
17. Chris Hardy (DC, ST)
18. Sean Allison (DM)
19. Ben Kensell (DR, DC)
20. Adz Beechers (MR)

Team Manager
Sam Lawes

Club Captain
John Watts

Stadium(Home Pitch)
Allen Park